Faith at Home

Our purpose for Family Ministry at Greenwich is to create opportunities to form the character of Christ in parents & their children; developing faithful and obedient life-long disciples of Jesus. Greenwich highly values education and faith formation through Bible study programs for adults and that emphasis continues for our kids as they grow and learn in our children's ministry and youth ministry. However, we believe that parents are the most important influence in their children's spiritual lives. So if you have kids, we want to encourage and equip you with tools to build faith and character in the hearts of your children at home.

How do we make room for God to be a part of our life as a family? Here are 4 simple ways to begin practicing Faith at Home:

1. Blessing: Each day, bless your children with simple words of affirmation that remind them of God. It’s easy to do this at night, just before they go to bed, but at other times too. Blessing a child, especially using Scripture, connects them to the One who loves them most.

2. Prayer: Develop the habit of praying daily with your children so that conversation with God is a part of your family's routine. The Lord's Prayer sets a great example of how to P.R.A.Y. in four ways: Praise, Repent, Ask, & Yield.

3. Bible: Make time in your schedule to read the Bible together, establishing the importance of God's Word in your family's life. A great resource for devotions is our Scripture Memory Challenge and we also recommend these great online devotional websites for families:

Thriving Family

Family Time 


Josh McDowell

4. Mealtimes: Make it a priority for your family to share a meal together at least once a day. Begin the meal with a blessing and ask questions that bring God into the conversation.

Use the Faith at Home Handout with ideas for Blessing, Prayer, Bible, and Mealtimes.

Parenting Resources

We also offer classes and seminars on parenting to encourage Biblical faithfulness, thoughtful and wise discipline, and regular spiritual conversation in the home. There is regular opportunity for fellowship among parents of young children through our Parent Fellowship. Greenwich truly sees ourselves as a church family, and our hope is to make Christian parenting a natural part of the way we live together in community.
For help with parenting, we recommend the following resources for personal and family worship, parenting education, and encouragement in your calling as a parent:

Visionary Parenting – Encouraging the reformation of family discipleship and equipping parents to pass faith and character to their children and grandchildren. Visionary Parenting books are available for free!
HomeWord – Educating, equipping, and encouraging parents and churches to build God-honoring families from generation to generation.

Axis  seeking to resource parents to disciple their children as they face life’s questions and challenges. They introduce and address tough topics facing children and youth in our current American culture with practical wisdom and insight.

Center for Parent/Youth Understanding – Resources for bridging the cultural-generational gap between parents and teenagers.

John Rosemond
 – An influential psychologist and clever columnist with advice and resources for the practical aspects of discipline, child development, and Biblical parenting.