Hurricane Disaster Response Team Update-  October 20

Our disaster response team is headed home as this is being written.  They have had a great week of work.  Two of the team members, Joe Duffus and Jim Blades, left early last Saturday, October 14th, and drove a Penske truck with all of the donated supplies given from the Greenwich family and community, down to Key West, FL.  The rest of the team flew down to Key West and met up with them Monday afternoon.  They quickly began their work on Monday afternoon.  The team began distributing the relief supplies to various locations and to places most in need.  Throughout the week, they were able to help homeowners clear fallen trees and brush, remove damaged drywall from homes, cover roofs with tarps, repair fences and through these acts of love and labor, build relationships through sharing the gospel.  We are so thankful for our team, for their families, for the those that helped get them to and from the airport, and for all who have graciously given in response to the disasters.  Please continue to pray and support our missionaries, mission partners, and the team as they return home from their work in Florida:  Greg Aleman, Jim Blades, Joe Duffus, Schelly Harrison, Cindy Henson, Peter Joran, Kyle Pullin and Linda Simms.  We look forward to welcoming them home and hearing about their experience in Key West.

Assistance to Puerto Rico

Thanks to the generous contributions to Hurricane Relief by the Greenwich Community, in addition to sending 8 missionaries to Key West Florida the week of October 16, we are also glad to announce that your donations have made it possible to provide assistance to Puerto Rico. Manuel Gonzalez, friend of Greenwich Church is traveling to his home in the mountains of Puerto Rico on Wednesday, October 4, to assist with recovery efforts near his hometown and surrounding community. No electricity, no potable water, little fuel if any, limited bank withdrawals and lack of communications are making life without cash very challenging a best.

Greenwich Church has provided funds to Manuel that will be used in the recovery efforts as he may determine, while he will be eyes, hands and feet on the ground in the coming days.

Pray for safe travel, comfort, strength and courage as he makes his journey back to his homeland.


 Mike Simms presents Manuel Gonzalez with donations made

possible by the generous members of the Greenwich Church community.

Disaster Response

Greenwich has several ways our church family can participate in a meaningful and strategic response to the recent hurricanes that have devastated parts of Texas, Florida, and other states:

  1. Please pray for the safety and care of those affected by the storm and for all Christians who are serving in hurricane response, sharing the good news of Jesus as they deliver resources and offer material support. 
  1. Give to Greenwich Relief:  If you would like to make a financial donation to our relief efforts, all contributions are designated for emergency supplies for churches & individuals in disaster areas or for expenses & supplies for short-term mission teams from Greenwich. You can donate on our website or make checks payable to Greenwich Pres, Memo: "Disaster Relief." 
  1. Short-Term Mission Teams:  We are in conversation with local churches & organizations in Texas & Florida who will host teams for relief & rebuilding projects. If you would like to consider joining a mission team from Greenwich in the coming weeks and months, please contact Mike Simms (, 703.887.8658). 
  1. Give to Relief Organizations: We encourage you to donate as you are led to any organization doing great relief work. Here are two Christian organizations with a good track record that are well-equipped and on the ground offering emergency assistance to those in need right now:

Austin Disaster Relief Network

Churches of Greater Austin Bringing Hope into Crisis.

World Vision 

We are a Christian organization working to help communities lift themselves out of poverty. For good.

"In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven."
Matthew 5:16