Children and Youth Protection Policy

As a caring, Christian community, we at Greenwich Presbyterian Church are committed to providing a safe, nurturing and Christian environment for all involved in the life of Greenwich Presbyterian Church, particularly our children and youth.  We recognize that neither GPC nor any other institution or organization can guarantee absolutely that no harm will befall a child or youth entrusted to its care; however,GPC can, and through our Child Protection Policy, does make a concerted effort to minimize the possibility of such an occurrence.

We have established this policy and accompanying procedures in our total and unwavering commitment to provide for physical, emotional, and spiritual safety of all of our children and youth while participating in GPC activities and to provide guidance for responding to reported allegations regarding abuse and misconduct.

The intent of this policy is to identify healthy boundaries for interaction between the adults, children and youth who make up the GPC family.  As we honor and safe guard such healthy boundaries, we find freedom to minister, serve and relate in open and safe ways.