Our purpose for Family Ministry at Greenwich is to create opportunities to form the character of Christ in parents & their children; developing faithful and obedient life-long disciples of Jesus.

Our Values

•  Worship is central to the Christian life.

•  The primary content for faith and practice is the Bible.

•  The foundation for discipleship is practicing Faith at Home as a family.

•  The way of life necessary for families to disciple their children is counter-cultural.

•  Each family contributes cooperatively in the church’s ministry.

•  Ministry with each student & family is personal & relational.

Greenwich highly values education and faith formation through Bible study programs. That emphasis continues for our kids, and we offer plenty of opportunities for them to grow and learn through children and youth programs. However, we believe that parents are the most important influence in their children's spiritual lives. So if you have kids, we want to encourage and equip you with tools to build faith and character in the hearts of your children at home!

Faith at Home

How do we make room for God to be a part of our life as a family? Here are 4 simple ways to begin practicing Faith at Home:

1. Blessing: Each day, bless your children with simple words of affirmation that remind them of God. It’s easy to do this at night, just before they go to bed, or at another set time each day. Blessing a child, especially using Scripture, connects them to the One who loves them most.

2. Prayer: Develop the habit of praying daily with your children so that conversation with God is a part of your family's routine. The Lord's Prayer sets a great example of how to P.R.A.Y. in four ways: Praise, Request, Apologize, & Yield.

3. Bible: Make time in your schedule to read the Bible together, establishing the importance of God's Word in your family's life. We can help you find great ways to do this through devotional resources and our online resource, RightNow media.

4. Mealtimes: Make it a priority for your family to share a meal together at least once a day. Begin the meal with a blessing and ask questions that bring God into the conversation.

Family Gatherings

There are regular opportunities for growth and making connections through our weekly Family Fellowship and Monthly Potlucks.

Family Fellowship, Sundays from 9:45-10:45am

We meet together during Sunday school for The Gospel Project, a study of God’s big story in the Bible. Our classes from Pre-K through adults study the same passage focusing on Bible study in community and practicing faith at home.

• Preschool, Kindergarten & 1st Grade classes are in our Children's Wing. A light snack is served to kids at the beginning of their class.

• Everyone else (2nd - 12th Grade & Adults!) gathers in the Fellowship Hall for refreshments & celebration of family life before heading to classrooms for       Bible study.

• Nursery Care (through age 5) is available every Sunday (8:30am-Noon)

Family Potluck, 5:30-7:30pm

Our monthly potluck is ordinarily the first Sunday of each month. After a shared meal together, we have discussions for adults with an emphasis on healthy family life & parenting skills. Children and youth enjoy fun activities in our Kid’s Club and Youth Groups.

Building Blocks

With a family-equipping approach to ministry, Greenwich truly sees ourselves as a church family. Our hope is to make Christian parenting a natural part of the way we live together in community, both with other families and with our children. Throughout the year, we offer classes, online resources, and seminars on parenting to encourage Biblical faithfulness, thoughtful and wise discipline, and regular spiritual conversation in the home. We also offer age-appropriate children & youth ministry programs focused building life-long growth & discipleship.