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These are a Few

of My Favorite Hymns

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Reflections on Realignment

(and other thoughts on church life)

Recent Studies

"What I Did on Spring Break"

April 4 and 5

A Rule of Prayer

(Replay from January 2021)

Generation to Generation:

Passing down God's precious promises

Reflections on the Incarnation

(Replay from December 2021)

Reversed Thunder:

Themes from the book of Revelation

Theology 403:  The Church and the End

(Replay from Sept 2020)

More Recent Studies

Theology 402:  The Church and the World

(Replay from Sept 2020)

Theology 401:  The Church

(Replay from

Aug/Sept 2020)




A Few (More)

of My Favorite Psalms

A Pastoral Reflection on Gender Justice

Reflections from

Study Leave

More Studies


Unlearning Evangelism

(Replay from Oct. 2021)


Where Your

Treasure Is. . .


These Are a Few

of My Favorite Psalms

Theology 202:

Jesus and the Cross

(Replay from July 2020)

Reflections on

Being a Pastor

Questions from

the Academy

Give Thanks

to the Lord

Discipleship Amid




Other Thoughts. . .



The Book

of James

Pastoral Reflection

on the Reversal

of Roe v. Wade

Questions from

"The Academy"

Cultivating the Character

of Christ

2021 - The Year

in Review

Things I've been

thinking about. . .



Things I am

thinking about

"If not CRT,

then what?"

Pastoral Reflection

on CRT





Ecclesiastes:  Reading and


Notes from the

"house of mourning"

A Week

for Reflection

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