The most important action we can take during this crisis is to turn our hearts and our minds toward the Lord in prayer. We have a number of resources for guided prayer and opportunities to pray together. 

A Call to Prayer
From the Session of Greenwich Presbyterian Church
May 5, 2020 (Updated July 4)

The Session has unanimously endorsed to call the Greenwich church family to a season of prayer through the end of the summer. Periodically, the elders have called the church family to prayer during times of significant decision making and sacrifice, seeking God’s purposes through times of study and focused prayer efforts. 

The elders believe we are in such a season again as we face the challenges we face as a church family and as citizens of our local community, country, and world. To that end, we are providing this daily prayer guide as well as hosting regular prayer gatherings.

Sunday: Life of Greenwich

  • Deeper love for Jesus Christ in our worship services
  • An increased hunger for the Word of God
  • Generous hearts, open hands, and servant hearts
  • Unity and compassion within the church family
  • Increased mercy and love for our local community
  • For our church to pursue racial reconciliation with faith and love

Monday: Justice, Mercy, & Reconciliation

  • Lament the historic devastation racism has wrought in communities
  • Lament the reality of racist cultural patterns and individual sinful hearts that deny the image of God in every person
  • Confess and repent of our unjust thoughts, words, and actions 
  • A spirit of humility and courage to have honest race conversations across communities, government, and all sectors of society
  • God’s grace and power to unify us in a spirit of love and repentance
  • Wisdom and understanding to know our part in seeking justice

Tuesday: Leaders & Influencers

  • For our pastors, elders, staff, and ministry leaders
  • Wisdom, courage, humility, and unity in all decisions
  • Diligent administration of church funds & resources
  • For wisdom and the pursuit of the common good by elected officials
  • For clarity, integrity, and discretion in the media
  • For wisdom & understanding in our scientific & medical community
  • For business leaders making difficult decisions
  • For teachers & administrators in our educational systems
  • For corrupt systems of injustice to be dismantled and reformed
  • For Christians to lead the way in treating all people equitably

Wednesday: Healing, Suffering, & Other Effects

  • Healing for all those suffering from physical illness and disease
  • Containment of the spread of the COVID-19 virus
  • Comfort for those in hospitals, nursing homes, & other care facilities
  • Those facing depression and other mental health challenges
  • Workers facing layoffs and financial hardship
  • Everyone anxious about their economic future
  • Families with children at home 
  • Protection and favor on marriages 
  • Anyone oppressed and mistreated because of the color of their skin

Thursday: Faithful Discipleship

  • Discipline in practices for spiritual growth & prayer
  • Repentance from sin and renewed commitment to Jesus
  • Effective witness to the community in word and deed
  • Effective discipleship for families with children at home
  • Willing hearts and hands to serve others
  • Courage to share Jesus Christ with others
  • Keep us from anxiety and panic
  • Generosity and willingness to sacrifice for the common good
  • For new Christians, turning to faith in Jesus in the midst of this crisis

Friday: Protection for the Most Vulnerable

  • The elderly and those suffering from chronic disease
  • The poor & the homeless in need of daily bread
  • Women and children in abusive situations
  • Anyone experiencing oppression because of racism or bigotry  
  • Those in prisons or other facilities who cannot protect themselves
  • Countries in the developing world & densely populated cities
  • For courage to correct oppression and care for the vulnerable
  • Responsible behavior by those who are powerful, healthy, & privileged

Saturday: Workers in Healthcare, Law Enforcement, & Essential Services

  • Protection from illness, injury, and physical assault
  • Clear-thinking, patience, and relief from anxiety
  • Compassion & mercy for every person in their care
  • Courage to enter into difficult situations with confidence and skill
  • For an end to violent protest, police brutality, rioting, and lawlessness
  • Help Christians to exhibit extraordinary peace & mercy

Do you need prayer?

To request prayer for a specific need or to join our prayer team, send a message to:


“Be joyful always;

pray continually;
give thanks in all circumstances, 
for this is God’s will for you

in Christ Jesus.”
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Pray for Our Mission Partners

  • Juan & Veronica Linero, missionaries serving Iglesia Una Luz En El Camino (A Light On the Path) church in Mexico.
  • Pastor Victor Fernandez, minister and evangelist serving Templo Jehova Yireh in Matamoros, Mexico.
  • Norman & Julie Beck, church-planting and youth ministry with the Cherokee Indian Tribe in western North Carolina.
  • Keith & Marti Franchois, missionaries developing mobile technology resources for sharing the gospel.
  • Melanie Johnson, preparing for a new church-planting effort in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Austin & Sinte House & Farthest Corners, missionaries providing physical relief and gospel outreach in Thailand & Burma.
  • Lou Chiccehitto, sharing the good news with local high school and middle school students in Fauquier County through Young Life.
  • Kevin Kifer of Outpost Ministries, equipping, training, and guiding men into active ministry and faithful family life.
  • Kathie Virinurm, ministering to students at George Mason University with Cru.
  • Julio & Ana Martinez, serving Shadai Church to reach Spanish-speaking communities in Manassas.
  • Dan Su, serving as president of China Outreach Ministries, reaching out to International Students in college and universities.
  • Joan Stewart of WV Ministry of Advocacy & Workcamps responds with relief and hope for victims of natural disaster and poverty.
  • CareNet Pregnancy Resource Center, providing counseling and resources women experiencing unplanned pregnancy.
  • Rollin Van Broekhoven’s China Project, supporting the local church in mainland China and influencing the academic community.
  • Refugee Resettlement Ministry, helping refugee families who have have little or no resources for establishing a home and community.
  • NOVA Human Trafficking Initiative, mobilizing the local church to eradicate human trafficking & serve survivors. 
  • Youth For Tomorrow, residential school giving a second chance and spiritual guidance to at-risk youth in our area.
  • Fauquier Family Shelter, serving homeless families with temporary and transitional housing programs.
  • SERVE, providing food, shelter, and other support for poor and needy in Western Prince William County.
  • Blessing Bags, our kits containing basic personal hygiene products, other necessities, and the gospel with homeless people in need.

Give me, O Lord, a steadfast heart
which no unworthy affection may drag downwards.

Give me an unconquered heart
which no tribulation can wear out.

Give me an upright heart
which no unworthy purpose may tempt aside.

Bestow on me also, O Lord my God, 
understanding to know you, diligence to seek you,

wisdom to find you, and a faithfulness

that may finally embrace you, 
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Prayer for the Gift of Healing and Life
Adapted from a prayer by Friar Edward Hays

Lord of life,
We are grateful for the wholesomeness of life
And for the gift of good health.
Aware of the unity of body and spirit,
We affirm our constant need for their harmony
If we are to enjoy true health.
We are grateful for the marvels of medicine,
For doctors and nurses and aides, and those who now seek
To unlock the mysteries of the coronavirus,
And for all those who possess a healing touch,
And practice the art of healing.
We are thankful for the way in which
Our own bodies work to constantly heal themselves,
Restoring us to the state of health.
We acknowledge that we have been healed
Of depression and gloom,
By laughter and affection,
Healed of inner-injury by the medicine of forgiveness,
And for these times we are grateful as well.
We thank You for the ways
That beautiful music and silence heal our ears,
For the ways that color and form heal our eyes
And for how the magic medicine of make-believe
Binds up the wounds of our broken dreams.
As we rejoice in Your gift of health,
May we be ever-mindful of your children
Wo are steeped in sickness, that strange
Part of the divine mystery of salvation.
We thank You for the presence in our lives
Of Your Son, Jesus,
Who moved among us as both teacher and healer.
In the ancient tradition of the prophets,
He heralded and also healed—
Both body and spirit—
In Your Sacred Name.
Blessed are You, Lord our God,
Who heals us and restores us to life.

Praying the Psalms


Many in our church family use the Psalms & Proverbs as a guide to daily prayer (see below). To learn more, check out our Pastors Class on Praying the Psalms.