As we walk through this season together, we're compiling and updating recommended resources for practicing Faith at Home and staying connected.


Get Connected

Please make sure you can log into and are able to use our 2 primary online resources: REALM & RightNow Media. We will also be using zoom for online meetups. If you have questions about age-specific activities or are not getting updates, please contact our family ministry team:


Elementary: Sue Ellen Kinser,
Youth: Jenn Perrius,

Parents: Eric Beckman,


New City Catechism

This year we are memorizing & studying the New City Catechism, a great resource for understanding the essentials of the Christian faith using simple questions & answers. Each week, we share a family resource guide for Greenwich with ideas you can tailor to fit your household, including: 

   • A Family Bible Lesson
   • Conversation Starters
   • Discussion Questions
   • Links to Additional Resource Videos
   • Personal Devotional Guide

To learn more or join our Faith at Home mailing list, contact Associate Pastor Eric Beckman,

Family Devotional Ideas

There are thousands of Bible Studies available in RightNow so we encourage you to explore what they have and find what works for your family. Here are two we are recommending as a starting point for Family Devotionals.

What's in the Bible?

From the creator of Veggie Tales. Animated friends explain the entire Bible to your kids in a fast-paced and fun-filled series. Volume 8 contains TWO 25-minute episodes:

  • Poems in the Bible? Learn about the Bible's poetry, the amazing story of Job, and Psalms- the Bible's song book!
  • Wisdom from Above: Solomon shares his wisdom in the book of Proverbs, then Sunday School Lady finds the meaning in Ecclesiates and explains how the Song of Solomon- a book of love songs-ended up in the Bible!


Suggested Age: Elementary


The Real God

There is a deep sense of unease in our world right now, especially in the midst of this pandemic. Sometimes, our distorted view of God is at the root of our struggle to face challenges in life. Join Chip Ingram in this multi-faceted study of seven attributes of God. Your family can discover The Real God with eight different family devotional stories. Help them to see what God has to say about who He truly is through His word. Because to know the real God—changes everything. Free Devotional Guide included at RightNow Media.


Suggested Age: Older Elementary & Youth


Narnia: The Magician's Nephew

Our pastor, Don Meeks is reading The Chronicles of Narnia for the church family beginning with The Magician's Nephew. Gather around an electronic device for storytime with the classic series by C.S. Lewis! Also available on RightNow.

Axis Resources

We have partnered with to provide great resources for youth & parents to engage in important conversations about faith, culture, maturity, & tough issues. We'll be facilitating one big conversation each month for students & families. In April, join us in taking the 30 Day Smartphone Challenge! All axis resources are available through our Axis Youth Resource Group in REALM.  Don't have a REALM account yet? Get signed up!