For a more complete history of Greenwich Presbyterian Church including information on the Greenwich Cemetery see our History Site


In the fall of 2002 the congregation of Greenwich celebrated the bicentennial anniversary of the first prayer meetings in the home of Mrs. Aminta E. Moxley. From these humble beginnings grew the congregation that was to become Greenwich Presbyterian Church. Sporadic meetings moved into a log structure, then to a larger log church served by traveling preachers. Thomas Bloomer Balch was called to be the first pastor of Greenwich in 1833 and the present church sanctuary was constructed in 1858 through the efforts of Mrs. Moxley's daughter Lucinda Irland and her husband Charles Green. Spared any damage during the Civil War, Greenwich Presbyterian Church continued to be the center of the community into the 20th Century.


Greenwich maintained a full and vital church program despite many challenges. The church was served by a number of capable pastors including Rev. J. Royall Cooke who served the church for over 33 years and students from Union Theological Seminary in Richmond, notably Rev. Albert C. Winn. As the ministry grew, the church added a fellowship and education building in 1948 and additions to that building in 1959 and 1972. For more information on our church’s rich story, architecture, and historic cemetery, visit our History Site.


In the last few decades, the local farming community has experienced rapid population growth as the suburbs of metropolitan Washington, D.C. moved our way. The gracious, welcoming nature of folks at Greenwich has attracted new members from all over the country and the church has adapted its programs and ministries to meet the needs of this growth. Anticipating the opportunity for significant ministry in the 21st century, Greenwich has also developed strategic ministry goals along with just completing additional buildings to accommodate our growing population.